Does this servicer participate in HAMP?    Yes
Does this servicer participate in 2MP?    Yes

The above information means that this particular company is one who actively participates in HAMP. Even if the servicer does not participate, all mortgage companies with loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are required to participate in HAMP. Visit the Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Loan Look Up Tool to determine if your loan is held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. However, I believe that you can only get a 2MP modification if both the servicer and investor participate.

Your loan may also be associated with MERS (or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems). Visit the MERS web site to confirm if your loan is a "MERS" loan.


Mailing Address:


Overnight Mail
Attn: Chase Fulfillment Center
4500 Cherry Creek Drive South
Suite 410
Glendale, CO 80246

Regular Mail
PO Box 469030
Glendale, CO 80246

Fax Numbers Report an Error
877-383-1563 Authorization (Attn: Customer Research)
904-462-1925 Authorization (Imminent Default)
866-220-4130 Deed-in-lieu/Short Sale
866-282-5682 Loan Modifications
866-221-1019 Loan Modifications (Imminent Default)
866-590-3805 NPV Dispute

Phone Numbers



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877-419-6493 Analysis Dept.
866-243-5851 Bankruptcy - Active
877-290-7342 Bankruptcy - Inactive
800-848-9380 Collections (Prime)
866-665-7629 8am-11pm EST Collections (Subprime)
800-548-7912 Customer Care
800-848-9136 Customer Care (Prime)
888-310-7995 Executive Office
877-830-1837 Loan Modifications (Imminent Default - due for 1 month or less Prime or Sub-Prime)
877-836-3035 Loan Modifications (Prime - 10 digits)
866-550-5705 Loan Modifications (Status)
866-665-7629 Loan Modifications (Sub-Prime 8-9 digits)
877-836-3040 Recovery Dept.
800-873-6577 Refinance
866-233-5320 5am - 3pm PST Short-sale/Deed-in-Lieu



Bankruptcy Authorization Form

This form allows borrowers to work with Chase in regards to their loan while in a bankruptcy

Borrower Assistance Form

This is the package used by Chase for modification review. This is the 2012 version.

Chase Non-Borrower Forms

This non-borrower package contains a 4506-T, Credit Authorization Form, and a Contribution Letter.

Short-sale Package

This is almost identical to the modification package, but it says "Short Sale Dept" on the front.

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